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About Corban Capital

Corban Capital Partners is a division of Corban Financial Group, LLC, which has provided investment banking and financial advisory services to clients since 1996. Corban, or Korban, is a Hebrew word meaning the dedication of a gift or sacrifice to God. It is our goal to be dedicated to the core of what that means: integrity, professionalism, responsibility to our stakeholders and an awareness of our relationships in the hands of an almighty creator, Lord and God.

Corban Capital originates commercial real estate mortgage loans, generally for properties in the domestic United States and certain international markets. Loans are funded through Corban Capital I, LLC, a subsidiary of Corban, or an affiliate.

Corban has offices in the Washington, DC area and provides commercial mortgage loans across the nation.

About the website

The third update to Corban's website is currently under way. It includes, or will include, the following:
  • Application forms: New short and long application forms allow unregistered (short) and registered (long) users to provide information efficiently to Corban.
  • Browsers: Updates to make the website compatible with Internet Explorer version 7, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Other browsers should work but have not been extensively tested.
  • Mobile: Most mobile users will be sensed and presented with generally mobile friendly pages.
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